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The one question I am often asked as a Veterinary Technician is which food I feed my own dogs. My response? Fromm Four Star dog foods. It is so important, in my opinion, that you feed your dog a high-quality food with high-quality ingredients… afterall- you are what you eat. What you feed your dog has an effect over the complete health of your dog. The one piece of advice I can give any owner is to always checkout and know ALL of the ingredients of your pets’ food. If you are reading over the ingredients of the food and are unsure what something may be – CALL the dog food company… you should always know what is in your dog food! Make sure you also know exactly where the ingredients are coming from (stay away from ingredients from China!). I could keep babbling-on about picking a great dog food, but instead – lets move onto my review of this dog food company. Fromm Family Foods sent me these various products to try to see how my dogs and I (not that I tasted them!) like the food. They asked me to then complete a review for each of the samples sent. Please note that in NO WAY or FORM was I told by this company to write any of the following, this is completely all MY opinion!

Four-Star Line

  • Grain-Free Game Bird Recipe


My honest opinion of this recipe of dog food could not be any better. I am a fan of this formula for a variety of reasons. The dogs absolutely LOVE the taste of this particular formula – and I … don’t mind the smell! Some dog food smell very strong and are typically not something I want stinking out my house – this one? Smells like chicken! The kibble size of this formula is also a big plus, it makes the food a good option for everyone from a maltese – to a great dane. What is my favorite part about most of the Fromm’s foods? The ingredients! The ingredients are as stated:

“Ingredients: DuckDuck MealPeasTurkeyRusset PotatoesPea ProteinDried Tomato PomacePea FlourWhole Dried EggQuailChicken MealChicken FatSalmon OilSweet PotatoesChickenPheasantWisconsin CheeseFlaxseedCarrotsBroccoliCauliflowerApplesCeleryParsleyLettuceSpinachChicken CartilagePotassium ChlorideCranberriesBlueberriesSaltChicory Root ExtractYucca Schidigera ExtractAlfalfa SproutsSodium SeleniteFolic AcidTaurineVitaminsMineralsProbiotics

Not only do these ingredients look good enough for me to eat, but this specific formula was rated a 5/5 stars on it’s page which can be seen here: Fromm Four Star Nutritionals.

Would I recommend this product? YES! Absolutely.

  • Grain-Free Salmon Tunalini


This formula is by far my favorite out of all of the Fromms lines of food. Why, you ask? This is a fantastic formula for dogs which have allergies. Most dogs’ food allergies are due to beef or chicken – while this formula does have chicken liver and chicken fat present – the recipe does not seem to have any ill-effects on the allergies with my furry pair. While this formula does have a ‘fish’ odor – the benefits of the food for my dogs outweigh any smell at all. What do the dogs think? They beg for this one!

“Ingredients: Pacific Wild SalmonSalmon MealPeasRusset PotatoesPea FlourDried Tomato PomaceTunaWhole Dried EggSardine MealAnchovy MealChicken LiverChicken FatSalmon OilFlaxseedWisconsin CheeseMonocalcium PhosphateOlive OilCarrotsCeleryParsleyLettuceTomatoesSpinachZucchiniEggplantChicken CartilagePotassium ChlorideSaltChicory Root ExtractYucca Schidigera ExtractSodium SeleniteFolic AcidTaurineVitaminsMineralsProbiotics

This specific formula was rated a 5/5 stars on it’s page which can be seen here: Fromm Four Star Nutritionals.
Would I recommend this product? YES! I now feed this food to my pups. I used to feed Fromm’s Whitefish and Potato but I have now completely switched over to this formula. The main reason? It’s grain free and they are doing fantastic on it!
  • Grain-Free Beef Frittata Veg


This formula is also a favorite in our household. The food smells like you’re taking a steak out! The dogs were drooling while I was preparing their food… I like this formula, and the ingredients are still fantastic. The kibble size is still small – and it is grain free (which is all good!).
This formula was rated a 5/5 stars on it’s page which can be seen here: Fromm Four Star Nutritionals.
Do I recommend this formula as well? YES. This wouldn’t be my first choice for a dog with allergies, but it is definitely a great choice for a dog who has no issues. (Again, beef and chicken are usually the top food allergies a dog could have.)

Dog Treats

  • Oven-Baked Parmesan Cheese (grain-free)


This is the favorite dog treat in our household! Who doesn’t love cheese? I am not kidding when I say that this recipe smells like delicious cheese when you open the bag – yum! I keep this dog treat in-bulk at my home and am completely confident in this treat. I have seen recalls on many different dog treat products – but I am 100% trusting with this Fromm treat… and other than making my own dog cookies, this is the only other brand of treat allowed in my house.

Let’s check out the ingredients, shall we?

“Ingredients: Wisconsin Parmesan CheesePea FlourPotato FlourTapiocaWhole PeasChicken FatTomato PomaceCranberriesSweet PotatoesCarrotsApplesSplit PeasGreen BeansGreen Bell PeppersCeleryBeetsOreganoParsleyLettuceWatercressSpinach

What did the dogs think of this? Jameson wouldn’t stop licking his lips! He would do anything for these cookies!


This dog treat gets an A+ in our house.

  • Oven-Baked Lamb with Cranberry (grain-free)


 Fantastic ingredients. Perfect sized treat. Dogs LOVE it! I used these for training with Jameson and they were easy to break up into smaller pieces to give. We have and will continue to buy this treat!

Ingredients? Well, don’t mind if we have a look:

“Ingredients: LambPea FlourPotato FlourTapiocaWhole PeasChicken FatTomato PomaceCranberriesSweet PotatoesCarrotsApplesSplit PeasGreen BeansGreen Bell PeppersCeleryBeetsParsleyLettuceWatercressSpinach

What is my overall thought on the Fromm’s dog foods?

I do prefer the Fromm Four-Star foods – the ingredients are high-quality and all the foods are made in the USA. As a side note – Fromms does NOT outsource their ingredients – all ingredients are purchased in the USA. Fantastic, right? Most dog food companies can not say that all of their ingredients are purchased in the United States (where the regulations are more strict!).

I feed my dogs Fromm’s food – and have for the past three years. I highly recommend them (I even recommend their cat foods!) Are you not sure where to get your Fromm food? Go here to find it near you!



7 thoughts on “Dog Food Review: Fromm Family foods

  1. Awesome review! I’m really curious what the ingredients are in my dogs food now…it never occurred to me to even look. I love how all of the ingredients in these are straight forward and I see in the dog treats the cheese is from WI – yay for WI (where I’m from). I will def be looking up this company!

  2. Great review! While I haven’t heard of this brand I’m definitely going to check it out. Our newest fur baby seems to have a very sensitive stomach so the more natural ingredients. the better.

  3. I an confused a bit as to which dog food is best. As a new Lab puppy owner and wanting to give this new member of our family a healthy diet all the choices are overwhelming.There is no clear winner.Blue Buffalo claiming top spot has some very poor reviews as well.I have to say though after reading your review it has swayed me strongly. I don’t want to make my life mission researching dog food I’ll leave that to the experts and hopefully follow some good advise.Also when you click on Dog Food Advisor the items you mention are only 4 star not 5.In anycase your information seems sound and of all the reviews I read yours seem the most inviting I believe I will give this brand a try. j.

  4. My reason I switched to this brand was because on the reason the Fromm Family started making dogfood.
    I left a note on their website with my number(thinking no one would call) and they called and I actually spoke to company owner who was happy to share great advise and expertise on their food and reasons for starting the company.
    Since switching 99% of my issues are gone and dogs beg for the meals now and look great.!
    You have to be careful with what we feed our pets and this company cares what they put in the food.
    Again this is my opinion but I am a believer

  5. THANK YOU for writing this review. It was incredibly helpful. My corgi and jack russell mix have been on FROMM gold puppy for months and my vet told me I can switch to adult at any time. I have been searching the internet trying to figure out if I want to switch to Wellness or Blue Buffalo or stick to Fromm and this review solidified that continuing with them is the right call.

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